I’m on my couch in full black and gold, huddled under pillows and ready to scream at the tv cheer my team on…geaux SAINTS!

We can do this!

Poor Bram

I was looking up movie times for New Moon and I realized…this whole Twilight thing? It must have Bram Stoker turning in his grave.

Next week, at this time….I’ll be married.

I completely and totally understand why ostrichs bury their heads in the sand…I realize its not a very effective method of handling stress…but it makes complete and total sense right now.

I wonder….

If Caster Semenya was white, blonde, well-to-do and she blew away  her competition at a sporting event…would her gender be in question? Would her medical tests and results be announced on the nightly news? How much has the Eurocentric, supermodel ideal of not only beauty ideals but standards for how a woman “should” look become ingrained in our minds?

A girl, and she is a girl, from a rural South African village with corn rows, a preference for pants rather than skirts, and defined muscles is judged by her appearance and is forced to prove her gender. And yet don’t lots of girls and women wear their hair short all over the world? Aren’t there girls everywhere who prefer pants to skirts and dresses? Aren’t there women working out in gyms right now with the goal of building defined muscles?

To announce to the world that a teenage girl is in fact being required to prove that she is indeed female is insensitive and cruel….to immediately assume that she was somehow cheating, hiding her gender and hint she isn’t capable of what she’s acheived is demeaning. Her coaches, siblings, parents….people who have known her all her life have all stated that she’s female, why force her to undergo invasive medical procedures?

Had she not been a black South African village girl…would her triumph in Berlin been untainted? Would she have been subjected to medical tests and had those results made public? Would her privacy have been respected and protected?


There’s a number of things I admire about Michelle Obama – her fashion choices, her honesty, her professional accomplishments among them. But really, I want arms like that!

I’ve always been terrified of developing bat wings one day and to that end have been lifting free weights for years…but I think I need to step up my game.

Anyone know what her workout is?

You Know What’s Annoying?

Ok, so alot of things are annoying. People who talk during the movie, hangnails, Spiedi…but my specific annoyance right now is people who don’t RSVP. It’s not hard or complex or difficult. You get an invitiation and enclosed there’s a card for you to tick off if you’re attending and what you’d like to eat…all you have to is tick off two boxes and put the card back into an envelope and mail it! You don’t even have to look for a stamp! The envelope is already stamped! When someone invites you to something…you’re supposed to let them know if you can make it. Geez.

I need a cookie. Excuse me.