clothing fast

I began a clothing fast in December in which I swore off buying new clothes, in January I also swore off buying shoes, purses, jewelry and/or accessories. This is meant to last until at least March 1st.

That’s right, I am not shopping for another month. I will give you a minute to get over the shock.

So far its going well though I almost caved and bought dimante stilettos (they were on sale!! I would have worn them somewhere!! You know…when it warms up…) but T saved me from myself. This isn’t going to be easy apparently…

In three weeks I am going to a ski resort with a couple friends and for this I need a bathing suit. We have our own hot tub, I am not wearing it to ski. So, in three months of self imposed no shopping my only opportunity to add to my wardrobe will be the most hated shopping event in all womandom: the quest for a bathing suit. I wonder at myself…

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20 responses to “clothing fast

  1. A clothing fast…if only I had your willpower and determination! I attempted something like this when I went back to school in September (the key reason being lack of money) but that lasted about a month and then the shopaholic within unleashed itself and reeked havoc on my credit card which in turn caused me to have to work throughout my Christmas break and miss out on a trip to California. Even as I type this another browser is open on the Sephora website with things being added to the shopping basket…(help!)

    I think I need to have someone with me whenever I venture near a shopping mall (though the online shopping has to resolution). Good luck to you and have fun on your trip!

  2. Ouch, that’s karma for you, I suppose. I once tried to not buy new shoes/purses for a period of time and found that I went crazier and obsessed more because I couldn’t buy them. But good luck, let me know how it goes!

  3. AKA…CLOSE THE SEPHORA BROWSER! CLOSE IT! Join me in my fast, it will be good for you!
    Bre…I think the bathing suit shopping will traumatize me into not shopping again for the remainder of this fast!

  4. Hummmm, I only shop when I need something, but I may be worse. Instead of buying many items over the course of many months, I just buy everything in one weekend. :) I prob only shop 2-3 times a year.

  5. Atifa…is that worse though? You’re in season! At least you don’t randomly buy things on impulse that may only get worn once or twice before the season changes.

  6. It seems almost every winter when I go skiing I need a new jacket.

  7. ahh… good idea! and good for you. i seriously dont think i could do it. i tried it once with a cvs fast. no way, worked for about a week.

  8. Last New Year’s I resolved not to buy new shoes until June. It actually lasted until March and totally forgot about my resolution, until I had the shoes on my feet a few days later.Oops. But I was damn proud of those three whole months.

  9. Ruby, no seriously I buy so much stuff, that much of it never gets worn. Or I wear a few times and get over it. Then I toss a bunch of stuff when I can get away with it. And everything ends up being the same style, differnt color. :) I was looking at my closet and every shirt I own is a City Stretch button down from NYC & Co. Cute shirts, but I think I’ve over done them. I need to expand my horizons.

  10. Ruby, I feel your pain. I’m in the middle of a shopping fast myself. I work in a clothing store, I have no money but I can’t stop shopping. After the holidays I decided that I will not shop (unless I truly need something) until I have another job. I need to stop spending money I don’t have. My store has all of their new merchandise in and not buying anything is killing me. I’m not even letting myself try stuff on. If I go into the dressing room, it’s over. I’m like an alcoholic in a bar. It’s not good. And right now, with the new spring stuff I’m really struggling. Temptation is everywhere.

  11. Mezba:wanna come skiing with us then? You have about three weeks to find a jacket.

    brookem: Whats a cvs?

    e.b.: Three months is awesome! You can’t expect to go six months without shoes, you have to get spring/summer shoes!

    SM: Resist the clothing! When it becomes a fitnah you know there’s something wrong! You’re a tough girl, you can withstand the temptation.
    Atifa: Lets go shopping, can I be your person shopper and help you expand your horizons?

  12. Since it’s winter now, do they even sell bathing suits this season?

  13. ahh, you don’t have cvs’ where you are? (where are you?)… it’s like… a walgreens, osco, rite aide, etc. a drug store/pharmacy type thing. :)

  14. Khonika: Yeah I’m going to Bikini Village and Aqua.

    brookem: I’m in Toronto. I understand the drug store obsession. I miss Rite Aid and Walgreens but Shoppers Drug Mart is SO MUCH BETTER (and takes more of your money in its wonderfulness)

  15. SM: This is gross, but I noticed that lots of clothing store ppl do this. They take the cloths of the shelf, wear it during working hours and then put it back at the end of the shift. They just hide the tags during the day. Though I don’t advocate this behavior, it may help you not buy stuff. In this extreme case, it may be justified. :)

    Ruby: I say we go! I need different types of clothing.

  16. Atifa…its a date! Shopping (for you) we go!

  17. A clothing fast? I should probably do one of those :S

  18. CVS is great but Ruby is right, nothing is as good as Shopper’s Drug Mart…remember back in the day when Dorothy from “Golden Girls” was their spokesperson? No? Only me? Well…she was. But don’t let that mar the coolness of SDM that is now. It’s got a lot more high end products which why why it takes so much money…but you leave happy!

  19. liya: Try it! We will be moral support for each other!

    AKA: I LOVED Dorothy on Golden Girls! Still do! We had to sing the theme song in grade four *ahem* Thank you for being a friend, travel down the road and back again, your heart is true, you’re a pal and a confidante…what? stop? ok. sorry about that. I had a moment…

  20. Atifa: This is why I wash my clothes prior to wearing them. That’s just not cool. Fortunately, I’m not that bad.

    Ruby & AKA: OMG, I LOVED Golden Girls! My 10y/o niece and I watch the reruns.

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